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Psytrance Reflections 1

After a long period of altered states of consciousness, it is revealed to one that, in fact, psytrance is the cosmic structure, the spider web, which connects all and evertyhing, similar to the spacetime fabric of Einstein. It is interconnected to every particle in the Universe and every particle resonates in the vibration of psytrance. We seek to experience it because we know that there is no greater way to celebrate life in all of it’s glory than to dance ecstatically to the rythms of psytrance. We derange our senses and open our minds for the soul to feel the true nature of existence – to see the fabric of psytrance. The music makes us move, it makes our atoms move in a way our wholeness comes to expression and we dance without knowing what we are doing; the past, the present, and the future do not exist. Only mere experience exists. And what better way to take advantage of this celestial ritual than to be surrounded by souls which the cosmic creator, the spider of the psytrance web, has brought to us to experience them as whole and share our thoughts, feelings, emotions, knowledge in means seen nowhere else in the whole Universe expect here, on the dancefloor. The DJs become our gods and we, the dancers, become manifestations of the eternal beauty of endlessness of music, we channelize the energies that are brought to a psytrance party from all around the globe and transform them in joyous celebration of being as One, of being as All. The energy is restored, the fabric is repaired and our batteries are refilled until the next time crazy individuals meet to perform these shamanistic rituals.

- Xochipilli

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